How Much Does a Wedding Photographer Cost
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How Much Does a Wedding Photographer Cost?

Even with a pandemic, there is still time to celebrate love. If you want to have a beautiful wedding, don’t forget to hire the best photographer you can find. This is one of the most important decisions you should make right after your engagement. If you are wondering how much wedding photography will cost this year, keep in mind that their services are very expensive and in some cases can exceed your budget. For this reason, there are a lot …

Wedding Prelude Music
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What Is a Prelude in a Wedding?

Here we are at the most awaited moment in your life. You are not only imagining things, but you are already seeing the things you’ve been waiting for. The aisle, the decorations, the dresses, everything seems so perfect on this big day, none other than the wedding of your dreams. But what is a wedding without music? Of course, you want it to be dramatic! Music gives life to this wonderful event, and you might have already chosen your best …

Wedding in a Filed
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How Do Gypsy Afford Big Weddings

Being a gypsy with a life of traveling is not as easy as what it looks like. Living with this kind of tradition is challenging in this modern-day but this community has also learned how to be competitive. We have been shown some of their tradition but do we really know them? They are often known because of having their grand gypsy weddings especially the bride’s wedding dress but seeing how they live; how do you think they can afford …

AW Jacqueline Wedding Dress
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What Is Formal Attire for a Wedding

Wedding attire is important because it shows what type of wedding will be held. Some couples decide the attire based on the location. If you’re having a beach wedding, it’s appropriate to make the attire less formal for guests to be more comfortable. A less formal wedding only has a low percentage compared to couples having a formal wedding. As for them, it is more appropriate to make it formal and extravagant. Choosing an attire is for the soon-to-be-married couple …

Wedding Gift with Less Cost
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How Much Money For Wedding Gift

When you have accepted a wedding invitation, it is expected of you to not only attend the wedding but get the couple a gift. No one wants their gift to seem cheap, but this is no excuse to spend an arm or leg on a wedding gift. Remember you might need to spend on traveling costs and lodging if the wedding is out of town and this means spending more. So how can you as a guest make sure you …

Wedding Ceremony Lasts to Dawn
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how Long Is the Wedding Ceremony in US

How long the wedding ceremony would be? a query that immediately pops up whenever you see a wedding invitation or planning for your big day. Your wedding is the long-awaited day of your dreams. It might get long but hold on! It’s going to be a smooth, fun-filled evening for you and your guests. “How long the ceremony would be?” totally depends on your vision and the essentials that you want to add to feel special. What prolongs the wedding …