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Wedding Centerpiece Trends for 2021

wedding reception centerpiece
Wedding Reception Centerpieces
Photographer: Pixels

Weddings are a very special day for couples, family, and friends. It is the day when you tie the knot with your best friend. As a result of this, it is important that no stone is left unturned in planning for such an occasion.

One very important item couples and wedding planners provide is a stunning wedding centerpiece. In addition to providing an aesthetically pleasing wedding layout, they can also create beautiful memories depending on what they are themed around.


Ever been to a wedding and the table is laid out with a particular piece of decor that stands out? That piece of decor in whatever form it might be is the centerpiece. It could be inspired by several ideas such as floral designs, colors, seasons, or even the couple’s favorite TV show.

The great thing about wedding centerpieces is that they offer a lot of versatility. It is all about knowing what blends in, stands out, and gets you a good deal as the price will vary.

Four White Tealight Candles on Brass-colored Candlesticks
Four White Tealight Candles on brass-colored Candlesticks
Photographer: Nathan Cowley


Wedding centerpieces vary in cost. These price variations exist for multiple reasons such as – the centerpiece designer (luxury or low-end), the content of the centerpiece, location, etc.

The low-priced floral-themed table centerpieces would typically cost about $6 while the high-priced ones can cost as high as $250. Although low-priced centerpieces help reduce the cost of your already expensive wedding, I would advise getting a centerpiece from a tested and trusted designer.

Alternatively, you and your partner could create your centerpieces yourself. This keeps you within your budget and helps create memories that you both can always look back and smile about.

Two White Napkins Across White Silhouette of Animals
Two White Napkins Across White Silhouette of Animals
Photographer: Darrell Fraser


These decorations come in a lot of forms. Some wedding planners will even have catalogs showing different options centered on a central theme. A large majority of these adornments tend to be floral-based in comparison to others. However, you can always opt for out-of-the-box designs even though they may cost a bit more.

Variety is of utmost importance at event planning and weddings when it comes to the tiniest of details. With catalogs full of centerpiece options inspired by themes from flowers, pop culture, and even Christmas, the options are endless.


As said earlier, your wedding planner will probably have several catalogs showing you varied themes of centerpiece ideas. As there is no one-size-fits-all choice, it would help for you to have an idea of what options you might be faced with.

Below are some of the more popular trends for centerpieces that are beginning to catch on in 2021.

White Ceramic Plates on Table
White Ceramic Plates on Table
Photographer: Alleksana

FLORAL-THEMED CENTERPIECES; Many, if not all weddings will feature flowers in every corner of the hall, and who are we to blame the couple for sticking to age-old traditions. Centerpieces are not left out of the party as a large number of them today comprise the best hand-picked flowers in season. Floral-themed centerpieces could include vases, candles, or other containers with tulips and lilacs (spring), dahlias, and peonies (autumn). Other flowers and fruits that could be found are roses, assorted berries, and acacia amongst others.

    • VINTAGE/ANTIQUE THEMED CENTERPIECES; Sometimes, the best ideas come from the past. Antique and retro items make for great centerpieces. If you choose to work on getting a centerpiece yourself, scouring antique sections on eBay and Etsy, asking from grandparents, visiting pawn shops or thrift shopping is your best bet. This might take some time, so it is best to get started on time. Items such as chinaware, retro flower vases, and other 90’s themed materials will go a long way to help.
    • POP-CULTURED INSPIRED PIECES; Having a wedding where everyone shows up in an outfit reminiscent of say….. a Batman movie is nothing new. After all, there are proms and dinners where everyone shows up all dressed as characters, but how about wedding centerpieces?

You can model your centerpiece in tune with pop-culture movies such as Harry Potter where there is a wand sticking out of a sorting hat. If you go with a musical theme, there could be miniature models of musical instruments in your centerpiece.

DIY CENTERPIECES: Why hire an outsider to do your centerpiece when you could get it done yourself? Allow your imagination to run wild and experiment with materials such as clay, wire gauze woodwork, paper mache, a high school science project, or a combination of all these. The great part about this is that it helps save money to some extent and the memories tend to be deeper knowing it was you who constructed that magical piece on your special day.

Flower Bouquet On Table
Flower Bouquet On Table
Photographer: ArtHouse Studio


Centerpieces hold a special place on the table at any wedding. Although having one is not a must, a large number of wedding planners would surely recommend one. Variety is the spice of life and as the case is with weddings and details, so is it with picking a suitable centerpiece.

If going for a floral-themed piece, be sure to go with the flowers in season. If it’s vintage-based, get your game on just in time and if it’s pop culture, be sure to nail it while sticking to a wedding budget.



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