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Wedding Planners Pro

Calling all wedding planners! Join our program to enjoy special service and unlock new perks for your brides.

Benefits Perks

Refer your brides to AW Bridal and unlock new perks at AW Bridal.

Level 1

Free to Join

Level 2

1 Bridal Party

Level 3

5 Bridal Party

Level 4

10 & More Bridal Party

VIP Stylist Service For Your Brides
Free Swatches For Your Brides
New Costumer Discount For Your Brides
Special Gift From AW Bridal
Sponsor Dresses
Free Shipping For Your Brides
Special Discount For Your Brides
Cross Promotional Partnership

How It Works

Refer your brides to our website and discount code

Your brides choose the dresses

Their bridesmaid use the code to make a purchase

You unlock great perks


Please fill out to apply below.
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the AW Bridal wedding planners program?

Please fill out the form above to apply.

What do I get for joining this program?

You will have all access to VIP stylist service, free swatches for your brides. Once you refer to make a purchase, you will unlock new perks and comission.

How can I refer someone to AW Bridal?

When you join our program, we will give you a code to track your brides referrals. You could refer your brides and their bridesmaids to visit www.awbridal.com and make a purchase using the code.