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AW Bridal Tiara & Crown

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Product Details
  • SKU: AWHG210U26CP
  • Material: Metal
  • Embellishment: Rhinestones/Crystal
  • Size: 5.9" x 2.56"

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    1. Cinthia

      Beautiful just like the image
      I ordered it for my daughter's quinceanera pictures and she loved it! It is nice and sturdy and it doesn't look cheap at all. Amazing for the price.
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    2. beautiful!!! Love it!!!
      It's beautiful, is lightweight and shines pretty good. Arrived on time and in good quality.
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    3. Lizzie

      Heavy- but pretty
      Used for my wedding with and without the veil and love it. My only complaint is how heavy it was- but it was sturdy! It came a little large for my head but my hair/makeup lady bent it smaller and it was perfect.
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    4. Victoria

      Very Pretty / Arrived with a Jewel Off
      The picture doesn't do justice how shiny it is. It did however arrive with one of the biggest jewels fallen off into the bag. I had to super glue it together. It is also pretty big. I felt like I had to look up the entire time so not to have it fall down my head. I consider myself to have a big head so I have NO idea whose head this is supposed to fit. Other than that, it is gorgeous.
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    5. Karen Lipsey

      Beautiful and sturdy
      This was beautiful and well made, stayed on very well without pinning it.
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    6. Sharreldine B.

      I'm not crying, YOU'RE crying... It's so BEAUTIFUL
      ?I opened this today, having ordered it for a Halloween costume, And I literally had to write a review ASAP because... I don't think I've ever seen anything so pretty in my life! So here's the background on why this matters. I am one of those lucky people who has a larger sized head. We're human, not all of us have the same size heads as 5-year-olds. But companies don't like to admit that. So I can't buy headbands at the store. If I happen to find a headband that fits initially, it WILL pop off. It's not a question, it will happen. And if it does not by some miracle, I will have an intense migraine from it after an hour. All those trendy elastic headbands that girls wear to yoga class and stuff? Yeah I don't understand how those work. I cannot fathom putting things like that on my head and having them stay place for any length of time. For prior costumes, looking for wigs, it's a beast. I try to get large sized wigs, but it's always a lie. They're never large enough. And realistically every company that says they have large sized wigs... It means they have child and adult sizes, and the adult sizes are all the exact same size, which is something like 24 or 26 in? I'm not saying I would need something terribly larger. I think 27 in - whatever that normal size is, it's like I just need one extra inch. It's stupid that they don't have that - or that if they do, they never list that on the product descriptions. So... At this point in my life I am used to anything purchased for my head not fitting. Slouchy beanie? No, that's going to fit like a doll sized ski mask. Adorable trendy beret? No, might as well just stick a propeller on my head and hand me a balloon, I'm going to look like Tweedle Dumb. This year for Halloween, I don't even know. I just freaking wanted to feel like a princess after the past two terrible years. After 2020, we all deserve to wear tiaras, thank you. So I looked up the sparkliest prettiest one I could find that was of a reasonable price, and I ordered it. And I knew it wouldn't fit - I'm used to this. I figured I was going to have to stretch this out, probably break it. I don't know. Maybe I was thinking I would stick the rhinestones to my forehead. But you know what? This thing is so sturdy. And there is no picture I can take of these to properly capture how sparkly it is. It's so gorgeous! Like... Did this come from the Tower of London? Who raided the crown jewels? Is MI6 going to hunt me down?? But the best part - The. Best. Part. - It fits on my head. And it stays there. It has enough weight that it doesn't fall backwards off my head. I could wear this to the supermarket. In fact I just might. And as stupid as the sounds, like I'm running around my house wearing this and just squealing like I really did get a pony for my birthday. And this is because... Honestly, all the crowns for children stopped fitting my head when I was a child. I really hated that, it wasn't fair. And if I did wear one, after a while the plastic would snap in half. I broke a lot of headbands. And that always hurt my feelings as a child... My cousins my friends... They were all little pinheads who could wear whatever, but my head was just slightly bigger, and I wasn't allowed the pretty sparkly things. Well. This girl got her pretty sparkly thing, and she's loving it. And yeah I was going to use it for a Halloween costume, but you know, this is probably going to be a staple for my daily wardrobe. And if anybody doesn't like that, off with their head! Because I'm a princess now I can say that!! But in all honesty and seriousness, the quality of this is amazing, the rhinestones are gorgeous and they are set very securely and done very well. I absolutely love this product, would 150% recommend to anyone, I love this so much I could not be happier. This is probably the best product I have ordered off from Amazon in years and has made me happyer than anything I have ordered and I don't know how long. Now if you excuse me, I have to go see the Miss United States song as I run some errands. They're going to love me at the post office...
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    7. Great Quality
      As described and with even more variation in colors depending on the lighting (from burgundy, pinks and purples). Good quality, weight, and sturdiness to the overall head piece. Money well spent.
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    8. emma s.

      Muy hermosa!!!
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    9. Flor

      It's beautiful
      This crown is really pretty. It's super shiny. I love it. I don't really write reviews unless I really like something. This is not cheaply made. it real nice
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    10. That Girl Mendez

      Very sturdy without anything to hold
      I wore the crown for my wedding day, and it was a concern to me that it would fall off my head cause I have short hair but it lasted the whole time lol had to keep my head straight but it wasn't as bad as I thought. Was perfect!!
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    Items 1 to 10 of 17 total

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