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Ready To Ship

Ready To Ship

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About Ready-to-Ship Dress

Attending a special occasion last minute can be stressful when you don’t know what to wear. While a good dress should be designed to accentuate your body figure, it generally takes weeks to prepare dresses, especially tailor-made ones. But it doesn’t matter whether you have very limited time, or you don’t know what to wear to your special occasion- we’ve got you covered.

On the rare occasion that a dress is needed immediately, AW Bridal shop provides quality ready-to-ship dresses. Made with glamorous and chic designs, these dresses can be shipped as quickly as five to ten days depending on your location.

Our online shop is easy to navigate and has a wide range of ready-to-ship wedding gowns, bridal party dresses, and special occasion products in stock. Our ready-to-ship dresses are categorized in terms of fabric, color, design (strap, neckline, back, hemline), embellishment, and price range.

While the dress colors will be more limited compared to pre-ordered dresses, AW Bridal has selected wonderful color palettes that will make you look stunning in these dresses. Fabrics used in making these gorgeous ready-to-ship dresses are sourced from reputable suppliers.

Shipping is done for free in the United States. You also won’t have to worry about tailoring or ironing your dress because we ensure that we carefully pack all our orders. Imagine ordering your best dress and wearing it on the same day it is delivered. For this and more, don’t hesitate to make your order with us.