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How Many Bridesmaids Are Too Many

How Many Bridesmaids Are Too Many
How Many Bridesmaids Are Too Many
Photographer: Oliver Li

Congratulations on your wedding! You are finally getting the chance to tie the knot with the love of your life. But, for everything to be pitch-perfect, you have your bridesmaids to figure out.

Yes, this is the most interesting and overwhelming part at the same time. Think about it; you have your bestie, roommate, cousin, thesis from summer camp, the friend you happen to get along with just well …the list can go on and on.

You promised to every single one of them they will be your bridesmaids, and now you can’t help but wonder if you did the right thing. Is ten too much? What about 15, 20, 25?

Take it easy! There is an answer for everything, and we’ve decided to answer all your questions here.

Cheerful multiethnic bridesmaids waiting for flower bouquet from unrecognizable bride
Cheerful multiethnic bridesmaids waiting for flower bouquet from the unrecognizable bride
Photographer: Cleyder Duque

Is My Bridesmaids List Too Much?

Typically, brides in the U.S. prefer to have from 3 to 5 bridesmaids. But, that’s not always the case. Many brides nowadays that have a huge group of friends and family members can have more than ten bridesmaids.

If you are still stressing out about how many to pick to be your bridesmaids, here are a couple of questions we’ve decided to answer for you that can help you relax.

There Are No Right or Wrong Answers

There is no need to stress about getting a specific number of bridesmaids. Remember, there are no rules. It usually depends on the wedding budget.

Getting the makeup done, hair, dresses, and all the accessories can cost a fortune. If you want to have a lot of bridesmaids, you have to think about your budget first. This is one of those key factors that brides often ignore.

What If I Can’t Get the Groomsmen and Bridesmaids to Match?

There is no need to even out the number, even when you want to take the perfect wedding picture. No one will bet an eye if the one side is longer than the other. What matters is that your guests have as much fun for the big day as you and your partner will.

Should I Go With ten or Less?

If you are thinking of having more bridesmaids than the average group number, there are a few things you should consider first. Here are a couple of pros and cons to having a huge bridal group.

newlyweds holding hands near guests during wedding ceremony
newlyweds holding hands near guests during the wedding ceremony
Photographer: Oliver Li


It never gets boring. The more, the merrier, they say, and in this case, it couldn’t be more right. You get to have a ton of supporters by your side, no matter what happens.

You will have a helping hand. There is a lot to be done when planning a wedding. The more trusty friends you have over, the easier the whole ordeal will be.

You can make over-the-top wedding photos. Imagine having a ton of brides all lining up to make the perfect picture. If you have a bigger bridal group, you will have plenty of space to show your creative side.


It’s extremely expensive. Getting the bride’s hair done, makeup, accessories, and all that jazz will be a nightmare for your pocket. Now, consider paying for all the ten bridesmaids you’ve chosen. You’ll be out of money before you know it.

The stress is real. When you think about dressing up women for a bridal party, you have to think about their personality, body type, taste, favorite color, etc. One dress is impossible to satisfy every single one of them. Now, imagine having to dress more than ten women! That can be extremely challenging.

It’s hard to keep track. It’s hard to monitor all the cooks, servers, and guests at a wedding, let alone the bridesmaids. If you are planning something extremely organized and you need it to be perfect, it’s hard to do it with a ton of bridesmaids.



Stylish bride and bridesmaids in sunglasses standing on sea embankment on wedding day
Stylish bride and bridesmaids in sunglasses standing on sea embankment on wedding day
Photographer: Oliver Li

Final Thoughts

If you need some help to narrow down the list, this article may be of use. If you decide to go with a smaller bridal group, you get to save a lot of money in the process and deal less with stress. But, if you want to invite all your girls, then you can always make the most of it.

At the end of the day, it’s all about having a blast. So, whatever you decide, it’s completely up to you. There are no rules to follow, no specific way to choose the bridesmaids. You just need to think about the budget and whether or not you can afford it. It will take a lot of planning, effort, time, and money, but in the end, it will all be worth it!


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