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How To Word Wedding Invitations

Weddings are one of the most important events in our lives. This is a dream come true for couples who knew that they are made for each other. Most women have been waiting for this moment for life. Wedding preparation takes a lot of work and is a bit of a challenge. Let me share with you some tips.

Wedding invitations serve as a facade of this big event. It should be beautiful like how beautiful the bride will be. You should give your best creativity on doing it. On wording your wedding invitation, you should follow this guide to create a fascinating, creative, and more detailed style.

How To Word Wedding Invitations
How To Word Wedding Invitations
Photographer: Abet Llacer

1. Choose a Stationary that fits your motif

It is best to choose a piece of paper that suits the color of your motif. This will show your creativity when it comes to styling. You can look for suppliers that offer the best quality service that you can also afford or you can choose a theme online for an online invitation. Nowadays, most weddings use online invitations that are sent through email.

Wedding Table Décor
Wedding Table Decor
Photographer: Arina Krasnikova

2. Create the content that details the Important Wedding Information

The most important part of the invitation is the wording. It usually starts with the host of the wedding. Traditionally, the parents of the couple serve as the host of the wedding. It is the groom’s parents who bill for the wedding while the bride’s parents are the ones who are responsible for preparing the event, but as to modernization, changes in weddings have occurred and it’s mostly the couples who do the funding for their wedding.

Here’s a more detailed process of wording a wedding invitation:
● The front of the invitation should be the names of the couple with the message of the invitation like “Come join us at our wedding”, or “You Are Invited in Our Wedding”. This is to formally invite guests
● The date, time, and location of the event should be put below the couple’s names with a smaller font to highlight the couple’s names. The accuracy of this information should be strictly checked to avoid miscommunications.

● Next will be the details of the reception. It should have clear instructions and directions on where and how to get to the venue of the reception. Well in some weddings, the ceremony and the reception are just in the same place so you don’t need to work on this part if that’s the case.

You can put here the reception program:
– Ceremony
– Powerpoint presentation
– The message of parents and friends
– Money Dance
– Special Numbers (if there are any)
– Slicing of cake
– And the most awaited part of the guests, the buffet or mealtime.
You can add more parts to the program. It depends on how you will organize the event and make it more memorable especially if it is your wedding.

● It is also important that you remind your guests about your motif and dress code. I’m pretty sure you do not want anyone wearing a different color of a dress on your special day. You can put this note on a separate page of the invitation with your favorite wedding photo.

● The last page of your invitation is usually the RSVP or the response letter of the guest. This is a formal invitation to be a part of the wedding. For some couples, they separate this one and give only to VIPs that they want to invite like their sponsors
For Example:
“I am gladly inviting you to be my Maid of Honor on my Wedding day”
“We are inviting you to be our Godparent on our special day”
This invitation should be returned to mail or to your email before your celebration to avoid inconsistencies.

Save the Date Card
Save the Date Card
Photographer: Olya Kobruseva

Wedding Invitations are just one step of preparing for your big day and of course, you would want it to be as presentable as a bride walking down the aisle. It will take a lot of effort and time that’s why it is advisable to hire an event coordinator for you to enjoy the big day.

We can make the most out of our dream wedding, we can make the most elegant invitation, we can prepare the best foods and best location, we can wear the most beautiful and sophisticated gown and makeup, but the most important thing at a wedding is the love of two people becoming one. It is the unity of two souls, two hearts, and two bodies. We must never forget that marriage is a gift that we should cherish for the rest of our lives. Congratulations, if you already found your forever partner.

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