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Silhouette Guide for Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dress Silhouette Guide Chart
Wedding Dress Silhouette Guide Chart
Photo Designer: AW Bridal

Your wedding day is the one day you focus on your own stage when all your attention is on you! It is a rare day in your life that is full of tremendous meaning – a day when you want to look and appear more stunning than ever before.

What’s the most crucial part when you’re preparing for a wedding? Every girl is going to answer the wedding dress. You’ll know exactly when you discover ‘The One’ for you – as fast as you wear it, you’ll feel sophisticated, stunning, and extraordinary all at once!

As you continue your wedding dress search, knowing different terminology is a great assistance.  Identifying the list of various looks and wedding gown silhouettes will make you figure all the various options out there. Being willing to express your ideal wedding dress silhouette designs can also support your wedding planner on your date. But if you don’t distinguish the difference between a trumpet dress and a mermaid one, don’t stress about it. There are a lot of things to remember, so we’re here to support you.

We’ve brought together a comprehensive guide to all the kinds of wedding dress silhouettes you have to know so that you can confidently go through your wedding dress buying experience.

If you’ve found your favorite dress silhouette, collaborate with a bridesmaid at the wedding salon to find the dream wedding dress. Keep reading to find about your ideal wedding gown silhouette, shape, and design.


The A-Line Gown

This form is designed for the body and runs down to the bottom with an uninterrupted line (similar to the ‘A’ outline!). Thanks to its timeless and simplistic nature, the A-line dress is suitable for every event, from a casual backyard party to a formal church wedding. A good shape for all figures, particularly for women with a larger bust. The A-line’s complete skirt may also conceal a wider lower body or produce an appearance of curves in a narrow frame. Since the A-line dress is so flexible, minimal changes to the bodice, waistline, or fabric will enhance your good features and mask those that you’re not so glad of!

AW Gayle Wedding Dress Photographed by Dana
AW Marcelle Wedding Dress
Photographer: Dana

The Ballgown

The style of the ball gown has a fitted body and a spectacular full skirt. While this design can fit most body shapes, the ball gown is optimal for slim or pear-shaped figures, since the full skirt enables to highlight the waist and conceal the lower body. . It also matches women with boyish bodies by adding womanhood and creating an aura of body curves. Also, women with wide hips may look skinnier in gowns like this.

AW Shirley Wedding Dress
Dress: AW Shirley Wedding Dress
Photographer: Phylicia Willis

The Mermaid

The mermaid wedding dress silhouette outlines the body from the chest to the knee ( and sometimes lower), then flows to the hem. More suited than the trumpet, this is a really feminine style that exposes every curve, so you need to be relaxed and natural in your skin to get this fit off. This cut is not for everybody. This bold style is ideally carried by slim figures, whether short and tall, and is not very well suitable to those brides with broader figures. However, if you’re on the curvaceous side and would like to highlight your curves, this is the right dress for you. The most critical thing to bear in mind when buying a Mermaid theme dress is whether or not you feel relaxed carrying it on your special day. You may have a beautiful body for this dress style, but if you don’t feel secure about it, it’s not worth picking.

AW Anias Wedding Dress
AW Anias Wedding Dress by AW Bridal

The Sheath Gown

A sheath wedding dress silhouette flows from top to bottom. It’s the best pick for little brides, as it beautifully adds height. It looks pretty plain, but it’s trendy. This style suits the body’s shapes from head to toe (often termed as column style). The sheath gown is better modeled by slim figures, both tall and short. The lengthening aspect of this pattern will allow the little brides to look taller. That being said, the column dress does not enable much space to hide insecure areas, such as a wider lower body. It will hide small faults if you want a built style that will remain in place, but the slipping design will be uncompromising. Also, squarish figures that do not have a natural curve may think of accenting the waistline with a different body or sash to give a specified waist appearance.

AW Esther Wedding Dress
AW Esther Wedding Dress
Photographer: Rocio Rivera 


Are the column wedding dress silhouette and sheath silhouettes indistinguishable? They’re related, but they’re certainly not identical. The main distinction is that it is thinner and much smoother. The column dress is mostly made of materials such as chiffon, corded lace, or taffeta.  The silhouette is customized to display a slim, slender body openly. But if you’ve got an hourglass figure or an elegant frame, don’t hesitate twice before you grab it up.

aw giana wedding dress
AW Giana Wedding Dress by AW Bridal


The trumpet wedding dress silhouette has a plain top. Progressively, the silhouette flows to the hem, creating a garment that represents a trumpet. This wedding dress silhouette is fantastic if you’ve got a curved body. Even if you’re a little chubby but have the necessary shape, it could look perfect on you.

AW Eleanor Wedding Dress
Dress: AW Eleanor Wedding Dress
Photographer: Sophie Cheverst

The Empire Line Gown

Empire style is characterized by the elevated waistline that sits just under the bust, through which the rest of the dress flows down to the bottom. Skimming over the hips and the stomach section, this silhouette is fitting for a pear-shaped woman. While the empire gown suits best for most body styles, it is particularly suitable for brides with a small chest since it attracts the neckline and provides meaning. Optional accents and cloth adornments, like capped sleeves or intricate thread work, can serve to attract focus to your chest and neckline, creating the appearance of a greater bust.

On the other hand, this cut will also hide a big chest by managing and maximizing the bust’s height due to the typical square neckline of the imperial outfit. The dress style is suitable for other undesirable body characteristics, including a long torso, narrow thighs, or a pear-shaped body. Because the gown flows from the bust line, these regions can conveniently be left undefined. Remember that the empire wedding dress silhouette fits pregnant brides as the dress’s adaptability will fit an expanding belly.

AW Raphael Wedding Dress
AW Raphael Wedding Dress by AW Bridal


Far from being conventional, tea-length is becoming a common style in recent times. The silhouette is a tailored bodice with skirts that usually flare between the knee and the ankle. This look is great for a casual ceremony and a bride who likes to display some beautiful heels.

Tea Length Wedding Dresses Photographer: Jonathan Borba
Tea Length Wedding Dresses
Photographer: Jonathan Borba

This article will surely support you in getting started, don’t be scared to step out and try new styles when looking for the dream gown. You may be happily shocked to see a style that you would never have thought would fit you to be the right dress for you.


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