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Top 5 2021 Bridesmaid Trends

Springtime weddings are all the rage, but, as with any wedding, they are remarkably demanding and require endless organization. But planning a wedding can be fun, too, especially when it comes to dressing up!

Choosing outfits for your bridesmaids is always a challenging task; there are just so many options! To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of 5 trendings for bridesmaid dresses in 2021:

Pantone’s Ultimate Gray

Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2021 is Ultimate Gray, a powerful but calm version of the world’s favorite color. Every year, Pantone announces its Color of the Year, and the majority of fashion trendsetters follow through with it. There are many ways to incorporate this into your bridesmaid dresses:

Go for an all-over gray dress, or incorporate a blue flower print into the design to flaunt traditional symbols of the spring season.

Adding an Ultimate Gray sash is also a great idea, and will help all the bridesmaids maintain a uniform look. You can opt for a plain blue sash or one that sports a quirky slogan, like “Team Bride!”

AW Griffin Dress for Ultimate Gray
AW Griffin Bridesmaid Dress for Ultimate Gray

Romantic Lace Looks

Springtime calls for cool, lace-clad looks. The best part about using lace is that there is more than just one way in which it can be incorporated into your outfit. Here are a few interesting ways to wear lace on a bridesmaid’s dress this spring:

Opt for a sheer, all-lace gown with a neutral or skin-toned lining

Alternate between lace and cloth by adding stripes of both along the length of the gown

Add lace sleeves to add flair to the overall look, and allow for the cool spring breeze to touch upon your skin; after all, what fun is a spring wedding without being able to enjoy the weather?

There are many lace prints available in the market; a fun, flirty, floral print will be perfect for springtime! It may sound overdone or cliché, but there’s nothing better than wearing the flowers you see blooming around you on your dress.

Lace bridesmaid dresses can boast powerful, feminine energy, or can help add a mellow, playful effect to the ensemble depending on how you wear them. For a more powerful look, incorporate a bold springtime color for the lace, like medium green or poppy red. If you’re dreaming of a more innocent look, neutrals, pink tones, and cool yellows are perfect!

AW Ellie Dress for Romantic Lace
AW Ellie Bridesmaid Dress for Romantic Lace

Halter Neck Dresses

Springtime fashion isn’t complete without halter necks. Halters are a fun way to dress up an otherwise simple dress. As most spring wedding and bridesmaid dresses tend to be plain, long, and floaty, adding on a halter neck will instantly boost the entire look. Halter necks tops and bodices are also excellent ways to combat the heat that accompanies springtime; though not too strong, the sunlight will be warming up the venue, which is why a sleeveless halter dress is perfect for keeping cool in.

Halter necks go well with crutches if your bridesmaids choose to carry them. To accessorize this look, opt for long, dangly earrings. Necklaces are a no-no; adding on a necklace will steal the halter neck’s spotlight-yikes!

AW Dorian Classic Halter Bridesmaid Dress
AW Dorian Classic Halter Bridesmaid Dress

Slip Dresses

Sexy springtime fashion? Yes, please! And what better way to dress up for a spring wedding than by dressing down and going as close to natural as possible to complement the season?

Slip bridesmaid dresses are excellent for keeping cool in and will leave jaws hanging. The new decade is all about bringing back our 90’s heritage; one of the best ways to do this is by bringing back the slip dress. Many bridesmaids opted for a flirty slip dress in 2019, and the trend has been going strong so far, too. We can expect many slip dresses to grace weddings in 2021, too.

These bridesmaid dresses offer nostalgia, but are worn in a never before seen contemporary way; at weddings as formal-wear! Slip bridesmaid dresses can be paired with chunky block heels for a truly nostalgic experience, or with flirty pencil-heeled straps for a more modern take.

Open or loosely tousled updos go well with slip dresses; the more natural, the better! You can even add in a fun flower clip or hair slides to finish the look or leave it as it is.

AW Becky Slip Bridesmaid Dress
AW Becky Slip Bridesmaid Dress


Jumpsuits? Yes, you heard that right; 2021 is all about bridesmaids in jumpsuits! While dresses make it hard to move around, particularly when dancing, jumpsuits encourage movement and physical freedom, which is essential for bridesmaids. The Big Day can get hectic, and your bridesmaids will be busy throughout, so why not encourage them to wear something comfortable, yet stylish, like a jumpsuit?

Alicepub Jumpsuits
Alicepub Jumpsuits for Bridesmaids

2021 has witnessed the birth of many new, intriguing fashion trends; jumpsuits and slip dresses are by far the best ones. However, if you’re a bride wishing for a more traditional bridesmaid look, why not opt for a flirty lace dress or something with a halter neck?

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