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How Much Does a Boho Wedding Dress Cost?

Central Coast California Bohemian Emerald Styled Wedding
Central Coast California Bohemian Emerald Styled Wedding
Dress: AW Jacqueline Wedding Dress, $629
Photographer: Megan Panek

If we look at the fashion trends of the past few decades, we can see a clear drift in the wedding section. Over the past few years, boho wedding dresses have been gaining considerable popularity.

Bohemian wedding gowns are chic, classy, and at the same time unique and whimsy. These dresses not only look great but also carve out the unconventional side of your wedding aspirations.


What are Boho Wedding Dresses?

When “Boho” comes to mind, we automatically think of a casual and chic design. However, it is not true. Yes, boho dresses are popular in the casual brigade but these are not restricted to the section.

In reality, boho wedding dresses come in distinct styles and colors. The wedding brigade is also blessed with a variety of different boho styles. While some varieties are basically laid back, the others give away luxury and glamour. These wedding dresses are unconventional and unstructured with a romantic twist.

Gone are the days of ball gowns and trumpet because boho is here!!

You can learn more details about Boho or bohemian wedding dresses here.

Backyard Boho Wedding
Backyard Boho Wedding
Dress: AW Jacqueline Wedding Dress, $629
Photographer:  Michelle Miley

How Much Does a Boho Wedding Dress Cost?

If you are looking for something new yet classy, boho wedding dresses are your perfect option to go for. Right from a classy wedding to an outdoor setting, a boho wedding dress can suit all your needs.

Just like other conventional wedding dresses, bohemian wedding dresses are also made up of lace and crocheted fabrics. Depending on your choice, you can choose to customize by selecting a particular pattern, color, and fabric. Generally, ready-to-go boho wedding dresses are made from lace. A simple pattern is given to matching your silhouette.

A traditional boho wedding dress made from lace with a conventional flowing pattern can cost you from $1000-$2300. Now, depending on your taste, you can select the color of lace, the design of the gown, and different patterns to get that impeccable look. The price of your gown will change accordingly.

Make sure to check online stores and understand the cost range to make an informed choice. Chances are you can find your dream boho wedding dress at a surprisingly low price!

Bohemian Wedding Dress Detail
Bohemian Wedding Dress Detail
Dress: AW Esther Wedding Dress, $399
Photographer: Deniz Xenia Funke 

What Shoes Can You Wear With a Boho Wedding Dress?

A bridal gown usually goes well with stilettos or Valentino pumps. But, wait, these might not be the right option for a boho look.

The best part about a boho wedding dress is that it is comfortable yet luxurious. Hence, you need something simple to match your boho-chic dress. You can go for nude, creamy, our muted palette to match with your dress.

Bohemian Wedding Style Bouquet
Bohemian Wedding Style Bouquet
Photographer: Natasha Fernandez

Types of Boho Wedding Dresses

As we said, boho wedding dresses come in distinct styles and patterns. The cost of each style depends upon the intricacies of design and the unique appeal the designer has put into it. If you are looking for some inspiration, here are the types you can think about,

  • Long-Sleeved Boho Wedding Dress

Do you know how a signature boho wedding dress looks like? Well, it looks exactly like a long-sleeved dress. Long sleeves are loose, comfortable, and breezy, an impeccable boho design. These are perfect to suit your silhouette.

Long sleeve boho wedding dresses also come in distinct patterns including bell or balloon sleeves. For an unconventional look, you can even go for detachable sleeves to create an aesthetic dress.

  • Off Shoulder Boho Wedding Dress

If you are going for an unconventional wedding dress with a boho look, why not give it a twist and turn it into an off-shoulder dress? An off-shoulder boho wedding dress creates the perfect bohemian look you desire. The boho-chic look gives away a soft yet elegant look. You can complete the look with nude sandals, easy makeup, and open wavy hair.

This type of dress and look is apt for an outdoor, breezy, and beach wedding.

  • Backless Boho Wedding Dress

Do you want your wedding dress to be chic and sexy? A backless boho wedding dress can do the needful for you. It is perfect for a summer wedding setting. A backless gown is suitable for a cool and elegant look. However, do not try to go extra with a backless design. If you want an aesthetic look, go for a simple pattern that gives away a relaxed look yet looks sexy with a backless design.

  • Romantic Boho Wedding Dress

Boho looks are chic, classy, and comfortable. You can turn it into a passionate affair with a romantic boho dress. For a romantic design, you can choose a feminine design that will go with your style and embrace your silhouette. For instance, you can go for modern yet minimal designs that show your romantic free spirit.

  • Short Boho Wedding Dress

Do you want to go a little extra and become a free spirit? Well, you can break the conventional tradition with a short boho wedding dress. A short boho wedding dress not only looks stylish, unique, and modern, it also looks super comfortable, chic, and shows off your legs.


Road Bohemian Wedding
Road Bohemian Wedding
Dress: AW Eleanor Wedding Dress, $569
Photographer: Chelsea Smith


You can customize your short wedding boho dress with different sleeve patterns or even turn it into off shoulder for that perfect modern romantic look.

If we can sum up the boho look in one sentence, it would be “less is more”. Boho wedding dress is minimal, chic, classy, and unique. These dresses are aesthetic and flowy. The cost of the dress varies with types of fabric, design, and pattern. However, it will look excellent for any wedding setting.

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