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What is a Bohemian Wedding Dress?

Bohemian Wedding Dress
AW Esther Wedding Dress Bohemian Style, $399
Photographer: Ashley Sara

Shopping for the Wedding!

We know it is going to be an exciting experience for the brides; a wedding dress gives an inkling about your personality and your authentic self.

You should try out something different from the basics. Anything that’s a little out of the box, and away from all the bling will do them justice. How about bringing a bohemian element to your wedding dress? Say yes to the bohemian dress this time! But before that, know who a bohemian is.

A true bohemian is the one who loves to live the life of a wanderer, and his approach to social life is a little unconventional. However, bohemian brides have turned a little festive when it comes to their dressing during their big day.

The unconventional brides that are romantic and free-spirited have turned towards delicate laces, gossamer meshes, floral motifs that give a truly organic feel. Also, it is straightforward and effortless to carry. Plus, the bohemian wedding dress looks chic yet sophisticated that inspires your dreamy affair.

Bohemian brides love beach weddings, mountains, and deserts; however, some of them are ultra-glam, and some are simple. They love flower crowns, flowy dresses, fitted silhouettes along with detailing and craftsmanship, which are unfussy.

Mountain Boho Wedding
Mountain Boho Wedding, outfit by AW Bridal, $399
Photographer: Mary Cisneros


What is a Bohemian Wedding Dress?

A Bohemian wedding dress is a gorgeous option suitable for brides who love all things laid-back and unconventional. They come in different styles and patterns that complement their wandering nature.

However, when it comes to basic styles, some people assume that a bohemian dress is all about casual designs, which is not at all true. These dresses are glamorous and stylish, which keeps the romantic aesthetics intact along with a carefree twist.

A bohemian wedding dress may look a little out of place, but it suits different types of weddings. They are ideal for a chic wedding, whether it is at a beach, farm, barn, winery wedding, or in the backyard. The free-flowing structure and style of the wedding dress complement the purpose and ideology of a bohemian bride.

Moreover, the best thing about such wedding dresses is that they are very comfortable. These are inspired by the 60s, which are apt for antique weddings that are above all state of mind, demanding more freedom, less tradition!

When it comes to a bohemian wedding dress, these are a little more on the natural side, touching the romantic and refined aspects of designs and styles. The trends in bridal dresses are boho chic, which is comfy and ultra-modern.

Seaside Boho Wedding Dress
Seaside Boho Wedding Dress, $699.99
Photographer: Carrie Rogers


Features of Bohemian Wedding Dress

Here are some of the basic features of a bohemian wedding dress:


If you are bored with a traditional look, crinolines, and tight corsets, then aerial outfits with flowy fabrics make for a perfect choice. Brides are already down with wedding rituals; so, a comfy boho-styled dress would give them a sigh of relief.

Noble Materials

Prioritizing noble materials like silk, silk crepe, crocheted cotton, and laces will be the best idea if you want a more refined look. These materials give a wedding vibe and are equally sophisticated.

All these fabrics keep you comfy and warm in open spaces when you walk down the aisle.

Soft Colors

The bohemian theme is all about freedom, love, wandering, and romance, you would rarely find bright colors in the wedding dresses. Mild and pastel colors that are subtle and go well with every skin tone are popular such as whites, beige, nude, or peachy pinks.

Open Back

Open back is another most common feature of bohemian wedding dresses. Backs and necks are one of the most sensual parts of a woman’s silhouettes. A beautiful V neck design with delicate buttons looks elegant and charming.

After all, you would love to surprise your groom with an open back as you turn your back!

Mix and Match of Different Elements

A bohemian wedding dress is not only about flowy gowns, but you can also opt to mix and match different elements. A crop top along with a free-flowing skirt makes for a great choice if you don’t want to carry the burden of gowns or if at all you are bored with the idea of wedding gowns.

The chic girls can also show a little belly which looks modern and vintage at the same time

Beautiful Sleeves or No Sleeves

Transparent and opaque sleeves, along with flowery patterns and designs, add an exciting element to the wedding dress altogether. Beautiful sleeves such as guipure sleeves along with a little detailing are enough to give you an elegant and refined look. Further, there are sleeveless boho dresses as well that look gorgeous and signify your minimal, laid-back taste. These also give a touch of romance to the entire outfit.

Apart from these, unique styled sleeves such as full length or 3/4th sleeves, or bell sleeves, or cold shoulders also add charm and sensuality to the wedding dress.

Bohemian MountainStyle Wedding Dress
Bohemian Mountain Style AW Leah Wedding Dress, $489
Photographer: Katie Byrd

Whether you want to try out something unique or you are in love with bohemia, bohemian wedding dresses are a true charmer and suit a range of weddings. If boho chic is your style, we will make you look like a million bucks.

Stay tuned with AW Bridal for more such posts!

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